LIVE MASTERCLASS - December 11, 2019 // 1:30 PM (PST)

Find Your Flow

Personalize, Map, and Problem Solve Your Writing Process

In a Q&A, Laini Taylor said, “Sometimes it feels like I’m driving with the brakes on when I’m drafting. You can drive that way, but it’s painfully slow. It’s one way to work, but not the one I prefer.” How would you prefer to feel the next time you sit down to draft? Energized? Ready to go deep into your story? Filled with a bit of the magic you felt at your last conference, retreat, or even at your grad school residency? 

In this live masterclass, we'll explore how the writerly skills you've worked so hard to develop can become a compass for your day to day process. You'll come away with solid strategies for finding your flow, even on the toughest of writing days.


During This Free Masterclass, We'll Explore:

Your past wins and how to use them to create future flow

The heart of creative success, for you, and how to navigate in that direction

How to face down creative gremlins (including a sneaky one that hides in plain sight)

Past Participants Say ...

I love the approach of looking at our own stories as writers. This is the kind of exploration that fits me well; in fact, my writing always seems to go hand in hand with my personal growth.

- Sonja Solter, author of When You Know What I Know (on sale March 24, 2020)

I feel very tuned in. I feel a sense of energy coming from thinking about my practice. I’m realizing that my writing habits have been in a slump for quite a while. That led to an overall and overwhelming sense of slumpyness in many aspects of my life. Now there seems to be a light ahead.

- Elizabeth Verdick, author of over 20 books, including Peep Leap, Small Walt, and Small Walt and Mo the Tow


Insights from 20 Years of Working with Creatives

Naomi Kinsman is the award-winning author of Spilled Ink, A Writer’s Notebook, and the From Sadie’s Sketchbook series. She's the founder and Executive Director of Society of Young Inklings, an organization that pairs youth writers with pro mentors. Over the past twenty years, Naomi has mentored and collaborated with creative youth and adults. Through the process, she developed Writerly Play, a story-based framework to support writers as they navigate the challenges and joy of living an artist's life.

Naomi Kinsman

Live Masterclass - December 11, 2019 // 1:30 PM (PST)

Ready to find your flow? It's closer than you think.